Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Texturing and uv mapping

I am a little concerned.........texturing and UV mapping is taking longer than expected!!!Not only are Nath and Guy working out how to do this because we are behind a week we are really pressed for time to achieve this. Nath has been in college texturing like a little elf but I haven't really seen much from Guy. I know Guy is finding it hard and going through tutorials and is working from home as he doesn't have Maya on his laptop. This is fine but we need to get the texturing done by Tuesday latest. So we can spend the following three days rendering and let's not forget Steve's project. I know every ones stressed and have lots of work but we are all in the same boat....I sent out a text and spoke with everyone the importance of trying to achieve this or we simply are not going to get this done. After being behind by a week we have brought forward lighting so we can get on with lighting as well as the texturing. As it is so difficult for Steve to commit to meeting up and allocate a task Josh has kindly offered to assist me with the lighting. That means on Saturday I can pick Josh up and we can concentrate on lighting. If Steve cannot make Saturday as He has other commitments He will have to work on the lighting the environment himself. I am not pleased with this decision as we were supposed to work together and with the late addition of Josh whom has being very reliable.

• So just to clarify because we are a week behind schedule....
• -texturing and lighting to be completed by Tuesday next week.
• -Animating and compositing to be done this Thursday as lighting and texturing can be ongoing whereas the animating and compositing is really important.
• After sending a message to everyone to make sure to be in this Thursday so we can concentrate on animating and compositing Nath and Guy have decided to Work from Guys tomorrow on the texturing as Guy does not have Maya on his laptop.

• As I have stressed before we need to animate and composite this Thursday and I am supposed to be doing the animating with Guy and Steve and Nath are supposed to be doing the Compositing. How can this be achieved with only one more week left to go if Guy and Nathan are not going to in tomorrow.

• I have sent a text to everyone to stress that we are supposed to start animating and compositing tomorrow and how can this be achieved if Guy and Nathan are working on the texturing.

• -To short time allowing for texturing and modelling
• -Not knowing how to perform task and having to learn
• -not having the correct software
• -Prioritising
• -behind schedule
• -To be able to adapt put all stops in for changes and delays
• -lost a couple of weeks with snow
• -lost time as modelling took longer for Church to be modelled


• -learning on the go
• -effort of work
• -Everyone in team learning all processes - Modelling, lighting, texturing and compositing.
• -everyone working hard
• -building confidence in weak areas

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