Friday, 12 February 2010


Meeting Formative11.02.10

Went through the list of outcomes for formative…..feel a little disappointed and demotivated with the outcome. I have done a lot of work with this project and facing one of my biggest hurdles - modeling and feel that I couldn't express enough about the work. I was taken back by the bluntness and directness of my tutors assessment. I can appreciate that the information required need to be of a specific nature and evidence of this was very difficult to locate due to slow Internet speed and locating information on the blog and feeling uncomfortable as i feel i was pressured. All the information given in my blog is relevant to the project. Whilst many photos have been taken with first hand evidence I have tried to layout most photos on one sheet so that the viewer does not need to go through endless amount of photos. Where appropriate I have tried to fit many images on one page so that whoever looks through the material doesn’t get bored with photographs. As my true passion is drawing I have tried to draw as much as I can but constrained to the time given. I understand that my tutor was trying to be very direct on the information he needed but constant pressure and directness of tone makes me feel really uncomfortable. On the plus side I'm glad we have gone through the assessment as it has highlighted the things I need to concentrate on. I just think it's a little harsh that formative assesment is usually when you can discuss about your work and I feel that I didn't.....rather a task of ticking boxes...much like our bureaucratic society!

With the outcome of the formative I will address the following…..

o To document more reflective evidence such as confrontations and how it was resolved.

o Include more research in the blog such as more historical referencing with the type of church.

o Lighting gives more detail of approaches examples and experiences.

o Problem solving Issues

o Camera work as above.

Harsh as my tutor may have been the most important fact I've learnt is to be very specific with the information required without embellishment.


.............even though we have to be reflective in our journals I don’t really like doing it as I naturally think to much anyway….. In real life and from experience you don’t have time to reflect. In real life we simply don’t have the time and usually just do the job as time = money. We come from a society that if your not doing more then above your amount of work your not doing enough..... I can appreciate the needs and the requirements for this but am just giving a personal opinion.


I am a little worried with modelling as I am not confident in this area and one of my goals to achieve for this project is to have a better understanding of modelling. The previous project I underlined that I had no modelling experience and have decided to take on a project going by my weakness. In the previous project I modelled a character mostly nurbs and had to deal with endless problems. As I will be modelling quite a bit (please see original job sheet) I can practice modelling in Polys to gain confidence and further my knowledge in this area. Again I am working on jobs that I am weak on such as modelling and lighting. I have been researching lighting and found many useful techniques on creating candle flames etc.

During the last couple of weeks I have put time aside to learn modelling through online tutorials and stuff I have found on the web I am really happy with the development and am gaining confidence in modelling everyday. I find it really exciting and get carried away. I love it!!!!


Just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work we have to do……….


During our formative we were introduced to Josh who will be joining our group as a late edition…..Thank you!!!!! As we need as much help to get the modelling done as possible. We spent most of the day going through the concepts and getting Josh up to speed. I know talking to Josh and many members of the team that they are not confident with modelling but this is part of the learning outcomes. I don’t want the team to get stressed especially Steve as He can get a bit confused and overwhelmed with the work. As we only have three weeks left with the project we are all worried about getting everything done. We are still all modelling. Guy is finding it real difficult modelling and have been given quite difficult bits to model due to the fact that originally he did say that he could model anyway to resolve this we are working with each other and those that are OK are helping those that aren’t and mentoring them if you like. Nath is helping Guy and I will be picking up Josh and spending the whole day with Josh modelling the new Church and helping him with source material etc. As Josh is a late edition concerns with amount of work he will contribute is a concern as most of us have done so much but I am confident that he will do his share as He sounded really keen and motivated to start. He mentioned he would start this weekend….. GO FOR IT JOSH!!!!!!!


I prefer to work by myself as you don’t have to deal with other peoples issues as well as yourself but through experience it is not like that… need to work with other people to get a job done as often you need more then one person to get a task done. After managing in London I have found that the best performance out of your staff is by working with their strengths and working on their weaknesses by putting them on courses to gain confidence and experience by supporting, listening and motivating - making it fun. Also it’s a great way to learn from each other. I appreciate leading in the team but sometimes can’t be doing with the effort as sometimes its just nice to be given the task and just do it. I get very isolated and sometimes have days where I cant cope with people and just want to be in my own space and other days I can be really sociable. In all I am really enjoying working in our group but feel we are really against the time I hope we can pull it off!

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