Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Schedule for todays Meeting and Reflection

The Project Brief and Idea

Animated Environments

Digital Environments/Visual Studies

A N I 0 9 2 0 6

The Spirit

Meeting 04.02.10

1. Things to Cover 10.00

2. Workflow timing 10.00 – 10.05

3. Group Blog what to put in 10.05 – 10.15

4. Watch some inspiration trailers 10.15 – 10.30

5. Go through everyones jobs – 10.30 – 11.00

Update on Progress

6. Issues/problems 11.00 – 11.10

7. Next meeting Thursday 11.02.10

8. Close 11.10

Please can everyone submit concept sheets on the shared blog showing orthographic – front side and top of there designs to be agreed with everyone before modelling. As agreed in the meeting.

By next week we need, at least to have final concepts done and modelling started. Please refer to workflow.

Outcome of meeting. REFLECTION...................

………..After meeting. Clarifications of group designs of given objects.

Generally a good meeting catching up with the design team. Really pleased with everything…..slightly concerned that Guy hasn’t started modelling and no designs seen for his allocated job…….Nathan already modelling and very pleased with his outcome as he hasn’t modelled much before.


I had designed concepts and contributed a lot of design with skulls….perhaps I got a bit carried away…originally suggested by our tutor. The idea sounded rather enticing…..only to find out Only I was of this verdict. Quite acceptable to decline the skulls within the church as we did not have enough time…

I was really quite set on the whole skeleton in church idea purely to give depth and a twist in the story. Please refer to previous post explaining the reasoning behind the concept of why I think it would be a great idea. However it would appear that the group were not. A member of the team expressed strong distaste with having skulls and bones in the church. I was quite taken back by strong religious opinions exposed by someone that wasn’t in our group. May, I just take this opportunity to express it is not that an external member should express views about the design but, rather that one should express personal views of there Christian beliefs and that this is not the purpose of churches and that it would go against there beliefs. I strongly object to such singular thinking that this is an exact replication of a Christian church and personification of Christian beliefs. Yes, this is a saxon type church and obviously has religious outcomes but can I underline that the purpose of our group using a church is purely as a piece of wonderful architecture and space and it fits within the context of our story. We wanted a building that resembles power and has a strong atmospheric feel to it…..and most importantly one that resonates with light. The design may not be an exact replication or interpretation of a church in the 11th century but close to and changes and modifications may be made along the way according to the animation. In games such as Oblivion and Assasins creed etc churches are used and characters mixing mythologies, religion and other crafts as this gives interesting story Sarcophagi crypts etc were used in many churches as explained below The church is a combination of life and death burial chambers are contained within and surround the church.

……………….Taken from Wikipedia.

n architecture, a crypt (from the Latin crypta and the Greek κρύπτη, kryptē; meaning concealed, private) is a stone chamber or vault beneath the floor of a church usually used as a chapel or burial vault possibly containing sarcophagi, coffins or relics.

Originally crypts were typically found below the main apse of a church, such as at the Abbey of Saint-Germain en Auxerre, but were later located beneath naves and transepts as well. Occasionally churches were raised high to accommodate a crypt at the ground level, such as St Michael's Church in Hildesheim, Germany.


After the 10th century the early medieval requirements of a crypt faded, as church officials permitted relics to be held in the main level of the church. By the Gothic period crypts were rarely built, however burial vaults continued to be constructed beneath churches and referred to as crypts.

………..Spoke to Steve to make sure that the Chapel section/design of the floor was raised to determin the understanding of the crypts….

Anyway……we reached an amicable decision not to include the skulls with the refines of the building as we did not have enough time…..The decision was made with no animosity but a heated debate.

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