Friday, 26 February 2010

Lighting, color shape and light research

Research for Lighting illuminate the futuristic church...looking at different lighting techniques relevant to the futuristic Church Environment and the old church.


Even though I am really interested in light, color and shape I have not reaaly had a go at lighting a scene at this level. I will be using the books mentioned above and some tutorials found on the internet. As Guy and Nath are still doing texturing Guy might not be able to assist with the lighting as originaly planned so We have made an executive decision that Myself and Josh will light and animate the last scene the futuristic building this Sunday. I will go through Story board again so that we all understand what we are trying to achieve. Steve has other commitments this weekend so will continue with lighting the old church in his own time. I will also continue lighting locally the torches and the candles.

  1. End Scene - futuristic Church appears is near the end. Soon as the candle blows out it goes dark then after some anticipation the scene is ignited with a brightly lit futuristic Church. The camera takes the viewer into the church pans around viewing the pods then fades out. This is only a short clip but lighting and rendering is directly opposite the moody shadow, enhancing, soft lighting of the old type church viewed at the beginning.
  2. Some examples are shown above of the type of lighting We want to achieve.

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