Tuesday, 23 February 2010


  • Jared mentioned How was our group going and Have we given the right tasks to individuals and what would we change if We had to do it again. I've explained this in later blog but just to highlight..............

    -To long over modeling
    -Need more time with texturing and lighting
    -think 3 people better then 2 for texturing as it takes so long
    -Get on it right at the beginning

    Tutor also asked if the core ct people were allocated the task?

    Everyone in our team had no major strong identifiable skill within the 3d/animating remit as we were all in the same boat each task or job would have to taught and task achieved through learning this in itself takes longer as one needs to gain confidence in the job given. Every single member of our team was in the same bought so tasks were evenly distributed through allocation via group meeting. Everyone agreed to there role. Through this everyone in the team have gained confidence in the disciplines that they have agreed to. Myself I was not confident with modeling and knew this would be a hard learning curve for me but as I stated right at the beginning of this blog I want to do as much modeling to get more confident with it. I believe I have achieved that as I absolutely love modeling. From the first year I have been interested in Lighting and through this project I have really enjoyed and would like to develop further this area.

    So in a nutshell............

    My Strengths and Weaknesses


    Confident with modeling
    Concepts and Ideas

    Weaknesses and to learn next project possibly....

    -UV Mapping

  • With the Jobs and tasks allocated............

    -Have five or more people working on the project and possibly some that have real strentghs in certain areas. So that those that are strong perhaps in a certain field could mentor somebody that isn't so they can gain experience and confidence. However the point of this project is that we all learn and gain confident in different areas.
    -To allocate 3/4 people to do texturing/ UV mapping

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