Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Skulls and more skulls......

Okayyyyyyyyy..........had a brain wave at 1 o'clock in the morning drawing concepts for church. So far as I already mentioned previously the story is being shown through the eyes of a spirit in other words the audience is viewing the environment through the eyes of the spirit. Now, so far the scene only introduces you to view around the church as well as inside. There is no interaction with any beings.....this is fine and kind of gives a ghostly eerie feel as wanted but it lacks depth in the story telling. (why no people? what happened to them)? So we are going to introduce a couple of skulls and skeletons around the vicinity inside and outside. A direct contradiction to the holy church depicting peace and harmony.....instead we have thrown it into a state of chaos by adding skulls etc. One would question immediately what happened here? Was there a massacre? was it some kind of extreme ceremonious religious orchestrated act.... I am developing concepts for candle-stands to include skulls. This will give a darker edge to the story.....and kind of goes with the whole eerie solemn ghostly air that we are trying to create. My modeling skills will be challenged with trying to model a skull, but, one has to challenge oneself!! Anyway I love skulls and skeleton! Here are some drawings research bones etc. I visited the Horniman museum to look at skulls for research.

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