Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tuesday lighting and animating futuristic church.

Really good fun lighting this church Just followed a tutorial on line and used the book - Advanced maya texturing and lighting as well as playing around with lighting menu options. Selected camera and changed it to blue background in the hypershade. Then placed point light scaled it out and placed it so it went through the window at the back then placed a spotlight outside the building to the right changed sunlight intensity to 4.5 and cone angle to 25. I used depth map shadows in the depth map attribute editor. A volume light was created and color changed to soft blue moved to the edge of the building. The spotlight representing sun light was opened I selected fog light in the light effects the spot light through the window increased in length till it penetrated through the floor. I used a tutorial on line I also used Occlusions and mental-ray shaders. I especially like the reflections on the pods giving a shiny polished futuristic feel.

The two pillars were illuminate-by increasing the Incandescence and changing colour to slightly blue white I also increased the glow. I didn't have time to finish the lights the next day as I needed to start animating with guy. So I asked Nath to just change the glow so it wasn't glowing so strong as the pillar on the left. However, the lights changed a bit so the reflection appeared on the ground. I liked this effect and thought it was really strong but lost the depth in the pods.

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