Saturday, 6 March 2010

This has been such a fantastic project but also the most frustrating.........and dissapointing. It has been a huge learning curve and development for myself and team.

The best thing about this project is the amount you can achieve and learn from each other. Considering we lost two weeks at the beginning of term it is amazing how much we have learnt and achieved as a team in the space of six weeks.

When I started this project I wanted to gain more modeling experience and lighting I feel I have achieved this along with a lot more other skills.

I have really enjoyed working with my team we have all really pulled together and tried to achieve project. We have delivered the content but suffered with the quality. This is something we seriously have to look at next time. Even though each person had allocated tasks we all helped each other.

Things I have learn
  1. how to model
  2. light (carry on)
  3. rendering (never to leave to last minute and always do a test render.
  4. size down image textures.
  5. Save files correct format and projects working on other laptops
  6. have same maya systems
  7. allowing enough time for different processes. We spent far too long on the concept and modeling stages and each process seemed to take longer and longer. we need to allow more time for post production lighting and texturing.
  8. animating

  1. final outcome of our animation. I feel we really rushed this week as we had so much to do and fell down on quality. the textures started messing up when rendering. especially inside the old church. If we had more time I would have liked to use bump maps to raise the texture so that it looked 3d.
  2. not entirely happy with the lighting. I am pleased with the lighting in the futuristic church but still could be finessed. Not happy with the overall lighting effect in the inside of the old church as it looks flat and not enough ambient moody lighting to be had from the candles. Josh is new to lighting and found it difficult trying to achieve the effect we wanted and we had no time at all left so we had to just keep spot lights in. During rendering the textures totally messed up unfortunately we didn't have time to rectify as we ran out of time. Steve also had problems with his lighting as hi file was to big to render we had to simplify it. I really liked the cloud effect and the fog in Steve's outside church.
  3. Final animation I would have liked to spend more time finessing the animation as it is not smooth enough I wanted to create a sweeping ghostly motion of a spirit and in places is very jerky. We ran out o time so didn't have time to finesse.
  4. Outside church problems...problems...prrobles.... as we ran out of time as the scene was not rendered we had to submit a play bast version. I am so not happy with the overall finish as the animation needs finessing and in some scenes we have lost the lighting to the windows. In Steve's original clip he showed me he did have lighting. Unfortunately we rtan out of time and things were left to last minute. We will all learn from this and try to keep to the allocated time slots and to give more time to texturing, lighting and animating.
  5. I feel as a group we have all worked really hard but unfortunately lost time with really important issues such as rendering.
  6. It may have been easier each person doing a scene each rather then allocated jobs. as we we all were in the same boat. The only problem with that is continuity and consistency! scene 1 and 2 was the old church outside scene 3 and 4 inside church and scene 5 futurist. When we started none of us were really confident in any area. But know I would like to develop my knowledge of lighting as I really enjoy it and also modeling and animation.
  7. Everyone in the group has been through a lot of pressure and stress trying to finish this animation I feel if we didn't have Industry Project we could have just focused on Digital and achieved a much better quality animation.

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