Monday, 1 March 2010

College 01.02.10

Plan was to start animating today. As we are seriously running out of time. Nath and Guy were still texturing. lots of problems today. Guy had Maya 10 installed so that was good so he could work at college. We had problems with trying to get the textures to be visible on everyone's laptop so we could start lighting. Nath and Guy had been texturing on Maya 10 so when opening on mine and Steve's computer it was just doing crazy stuff without textures visible. We spent the best part of the day trying to sort this out. Finally in the end Guy and Nath went out to find a tutor for advice as we were wasting valuable time. Got hold of Dan and Dan said to created another project and transfer all the info........yeah... it worked.
Objects still needed to be placed in the church.
Nath hadn't finished texturing new Church so I was unable to start the lighting on this.
Steve was able to take the textured Church and start lighting the outside.
Josh unable to start lighting the old church inside as props needed to be composited and Guy was still texturing.

  1. Transferring files so that it doesn't corrupt when given group members put on their laptops.
  2. not reading textures
  3. textures to be put in correct folder
  4. Files not working on my or Steve's computer computer
  5. Can't start next stage without the churches complete.

  1. Everyone to install Maya 10
  2. Guy and Nath finishing texturing
  3. Steve start lighting outside church
  4. I light torches and candle

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