Saturday, 6 March 2010


modeling - futuristic church inside and outside, pews, candles, sconces, candle stands
lighting - futuristic church, torches and candles
animating - futuristic church, inside church - scenes 3,4 and 5
storyboard and concept

Modeling - graves, door to old church, windows to old church, lectern, altar
Texturing and UV mapping - outside church
Compositing and post production
Helped with lights futuristic church

Modeling - inside of church, reredos, font and bench
Texturing and UV mapping - inside old church
Helped lighting inside old church
Compositing inside old church
Animating - inside old church
Post production

Modeled - old church inside and outside
Lighting and effects
Animating - outside 2 scenes

Josh - late arrival
Modeled - pods, organ, chandelier
Lighting - inside

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