Friday, 5 March 2010

Animating Inside the old church

Stayed till 9 on Tuesday with Guy blocking out animation for the inside of the old church. This scene as discussed in concept stages we wanted to animate as if you are looking through the eyes of the spirit every movement is as if the camera is the spirit we wanted to create anticipation as the spirit hovers in one place then moves on.

The final animation is nowhere near to the finish I would like due to lack of time We couldn't finish or smooth out the animation. In parts in-particular as the spirit passes over the pews the pace and the animation I am quite please with, as well as in the beginning when the camera pans the door and the door opens. I am really not pleased with the quality of texturing and the animation as it is a bit jerky.

Didn't like the lighting as we wanted a moody shot it was to illuminated. Textures of the wall should have been bump mapped to give a more 3d feel.

I really like the candle at the end of scene 3. Clym let us have this as Josh was having problems with the lighting of the church. However Josh did try and model and create the light himself.

During rendering the textures on the wall were jumping. this is probably because the UV maps needed to be resized. And the modelling. We had to leave this as we ran out of time and realised right at the end. The moral of this story is never never leave rendering to last minute! Live and learn............

Josh was left to the task of Lighting the old church inside. He was getting really frustrated with it as it wasn't to the effect that we wanted. In the end we just kept lighting for the candles so the glow would create shadow. The lighting in scene 3 - inside the building is not how we wanted it. But this is because we ran out of time and Josh didn't now how to do it or rather his computer was not allowing him to turn off default lighting off so he can see the effect when rendering. some of the effects he practiced were really good but we just had problems with files not working and had to keep the file on Guys computer.

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