Saturday, 6 March 2010

Last week - Reflection

Don't really know where to start with this.....we had so many many problems........
We had a lot to do this week I made clear to the rest of the team to be prepared to stay every day and expected to stay late as we have so much to do.

Things left to do.....

  1. Lighting all scenes
  2. Compositing
  3. Animating
  4. Test render
  5. Post-Production
As we had so much left to do jobs were everyone could focus and get on.

  1. Steve to light first scene (outside the building)
  2. Depa to light and animate the futuristic church
  3. Guy and Depa to animate scene 3 inside of the building
  4. Josh to light the inside of the old church.
  5. Nath and Steve Post production
Monday - Everyone was in

Everyone ready to get on - Quickly briefed everyone......
Sorting out texturing and transferring files disorder.
The biggest problem we had was trying to transfer the files over to everyone computer so that we all could get on with the tasks. Nath and Guy spent all morning really trying to resolve this. There weren't any tutors around to ask so eventually one of the guys rushed out and bumped into Dan Dali (tutor) Dan suggested to set a new project and transfer all the files. (Nice one Dan it worked)......It was nearly 4/5 pm when Guy and Nath finally managed to get this sorted.

  1. Josh couldn't start lighting the Old church as the compositing wasn't done!
  2. Nath hadn't finished texturing new Church so I was unable to start the lighting on this.
  3. Josh unable to start lighting the old church inside as props needed to be composited and Guy was still texturing.

  1. Transferring files so that it doesn't corrupt when given group members put on their laptops.
  2. not reading textures
  3. textures to be put in correct folder
  4. Files not working on my or Steve's computer computer
  5. Can't start next stage without the churches complete.
  1. Everyone to install Maya 10
  2. Guy and Nath finishing texturing
  3. Steve start lighting outside church
Steve was able to take the textured Church and start lighting the outside.

........We really needed all this sorted prior the deadline week but because we were running behind.....we were just getting more and more behind.

Tuesday - Everyone was in apart from Steve

Really need the textured futuristic church to start animating and Nath had done basic textures for futuristic church. So at least I can do the animating and the Lighting.

Steve and Guy - compositing church (Steve did not come in) so Guy composited Church. We needed plan of Steve's Church so we could place everything. Phoned Steve to put plan on group blog.

I asked Steve to come in as we really needed him part of the team but said it wasn't an option.
As its the deadline week we just don't have time to here all the excuses we need to get on........

So Steve said He's going to render at home as we couldn't do it at college. I started animating scene 3/4 with Guy.

Wednesday I need to concentrate on Steve's Project - Industry Project

Thursday - Everyone in

Positive day today, Everyone just getting on with jobs. Jared mentioned about problems with rendering and to practice rendering and change texture sizes etc... This was so important. Nath did a practice render.....
  • I've animated and Lit the futuristic building. There was a couple of things to sort out with lighting so I asked Nath just to sort this out so I could get on with Guy and animate the inside of the old church.
  • Josh was practicing lighting the old church
  • As I wasn't going to have time to animate outside of church I asked Steve to do this as He had the files and He was still lighting. We needed to practice render as Jared mentioned to reduce texture sizes. We could practice render on the futuristic church as this was completed.

  1. Transferring of files
  2. lighting effects
  3. practice render
  4. Not starting rendering
  5. scenes not ready to render
  6. Computer Lag
  7. Some textures appear and some not.
  8. We need to resize textures
  9. Delete History
  1. Textures needed to relocate path to correct folder
  2. process of modeling and texturing showing problems with overall look of surfaces when transfering the file to me. Needed to remodel floor as the tiles were modeled individually as the textures were playing up.
  3. As the floor was visible in the beginning of the animation and was ok with Guys computer we and we were drastically running out of time we decided for Guy to render frames 1 to 1180 so His floor texture comes out and for me render 1180 to the end tonight. Steve to render Outside church and Nath to render futuristic church. Steve to phone Josh if he has problem with rendering.
  4. Transfer files to External hard drive to free up space on laptops before rendering
  5. Delete history on all objects before rendering. I asked everyone to do this on Thursday.

  • Everyone managed to render scenes apart from Steve. Format rendering was on college email as Jared sent these we all followed these.
  • Steve had problems with rendering but did not contact Josh as he was supposed to if it didn't work so Josh could try. This was a problem as the textures needed to be resized and he hadn't deleted the history as asked.
  • Clym helped with trying to get the file outside scene sorted. Clym redid the lighting and resized some of the textures as it was lagging the computer and managed to shorten animation to 500 frames. We really needed the rendering to commence at 2 as it was expected to take about 5 hours. But it just seemed that Steve was to busy with why his bits that he did were or weren't in the scene. In the end Steve and Clym had to take out fire emitters clouds and other effects that was slowing the rendering. When we got back from lunch rendering was still not done as Steve was having problems. We had to ask Jared if we could submit later so we could wait for rendering. In the end we had to play blast scene and composite into clip as the scene was not rendered.
  • Steve managed to get scenes 1 and 2 done with the help of Steve Crocker after submitting the animation.

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