Monday, 18 January 2010

Week 1 - 07.01.10

Fine start to college after the Christmas Holidays. With the festive season done and dusted and the anticipation of the next project drawing near. What should suddenly hit us? but, a down pour of heavenly snow!!!! No ordinary snow.... One day it was fine and then the next the streets and roads were covered in about 8 inches! my oh my nothing like throwing you in at the deep end....much like most of the projects.....The last project was pretty heavy going and the Christmas break was much needed. I was happy with the outcome of my last project and feel I had achieved what I wanted. To be honest with you......I wish I had totally finished it not left another thing that needs to be finished! In any case I'm looking forward to this next project and working in a team. Again I want to concentrate on skills that I am weak at - modelling as most of my character modelling was created through nurbs then converting to polys then nurbs then polys etc until It just looked like a nupo! (hybrid). I would also like to develop other areas such as lighting and animating. I'm not to fussed as it will depend once the group is chosen.

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