Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Story Board

We will be designing an environment that includes a Church. This will be the main focus of our animation. The film will be animated through the eyes of a spirit.

2. Long Shot: The opening scene will be taken from a bird’s eye view of the church and surrounding area. Mist slowly disperses as the scene opens to reveal the top of the building.

3. Panning zooming in: Slowly, swiftly we flow down to the church in circular bird like motion. As the church gets nearer and nearer so does the detailing.

4. Mid Shot and Close up: As the church is introduced the camera, (spirit) pans around the building to establish Identity and narrative. The camera/spirit is looking around the exterior of the church and taking in its character and detail. The relationship of the spirit via the audience is established with the sound of breathing. This is so the audience does not forget that it’s viewing the scene through the eyes of the spirit. To create mood and atmosphere the scene will be gloomy and misty.

5. Close up:The glow of streetlights that illuminate the stained glass dances through the glass as the magical colours manipulate whatever form or plane it can get hold of.

6. Mid shot: The camera/Spirit dances around the gravestones. As the gravestones lie still the mist disperse over the hard edges. The camera/Spirit takes the audience in a short dance through the graveyard as it hovers in and out of gravestones to lead to the front of the Church.

7. Close up:Stop….. Anticipation dictates the huge church doors as the camera slowly pans from the top of the door to the bottom emulating weight.

8. The doors slowly open as the spirit enters the church IT GOES DARK!

9. Close up: Then a candle is lit.

10. The camera zooms in on a close up of the candle swaying in a ghostly motion then flickers as if some one is blowing it. Again, to remind the audience that it is viewing the object through the eyes of the spirit. Then the camera pans out revealing a futuristic Church.

The concept is a mixture of old and new. Our group’s interpretation of what the church looks like before and what it will be like in the future.

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