Thursday, 28 January 2010

Meeting 27.01.10

Everyone attended meeting. Went through the points as addressed in previous post (schedule). We all discussed ideas and shared jobs equally. Please see below email sent to team after the meeting. Communicating confirmed jobs and workflow etc. I'm quite pleased that all the team seem to have evoked similar age and time to the building and not going the gothic route. Steve is designing the church as I was really pleased with his ideas as discussed yesterday and I loved his passion and enthusiasm for the design. A synopsis of the building etc will be discussed later. But, briefly the church is going to be designed around 1100. The group blog is called SPIRIT and will be set up by Nathan all correspondences to team and final designs are going to be placed here. Nathan showed some concepts illustrations for the stained glass windows and seemed to portray the kind of style we wanted. I liked the fact that Nath was quite enthusiastic to design the windows for the old church. Guy's photos for the exterior gates and entrance were pretty cool as well and look forward to seeing these.

Next week we need to have all concepts finalized and start modelling.


Hi Guys

Really pleased that all the team made it today as today was an important step forward for moving on with the project. Really good work and continuity and consistency seems to flow through the team....Please find attached jobs allocated as discussed in todays meeting. Really glad that the team is enthusiastic and motivated and want to progress on.

Nathan as discussed please can you set up the group blog and email everyone the address. All further correspondences via team and submissions of concept pages for final designs should be placed here.

Again, as discussed in the meeting can we have concept pages for each object or subject to include final illustration, top, side and front view with samples of textures and detailing. Steve I know the building may take a bit of time but am confident you'll get the concept drawings done as this is the box of which everything is to contain. I will have the final illustration or concept page for the futuristic church done by next thursday.

Nath/Guy I've added an extra object on your list just to even work load.

Can I also stress please do not forget that the scene is moody and atmospheric and don't forget at every stage with the design process what are we trying to portray and does it add value to the final animation/story (I could go on but I won't bore you). I will also put the story board on the shared blog so everyone can refer to it.

Any probs, contact me.

Keep up the good work.


Please can everyone submit concept sheets on the shared blog showing orthographic – front side and top of there designs to be agreed with everyone before modelling. As agreed in the meeting.

By next week we need, at least to have final concepts done and modelling started. Please refer to workflow.

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