Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Meeting 27.01.10

Group meeting scheduled for the 27.01.10 - 10 am. Unfortunately class had been prospone to the afternoon at 2pm. Unfortunately Nathan could not attend as he went to Uni in the morning. Guy did say he was going to be at Uni but unfortunately was not there. Slightly difficult trying to organize getting everyone in at the same time. I tried to arrange everyone to turn up at 9 tomorrow before class but, unfortunately Steve was not able to make it. I am slightly disappointed with the lack of support from Guy and Nath as it is paramount that we finalize designs ready to nominate jobs and start modelling. I have drafted a schedule for tomorrows meeting to keep to specifics and power point presentation (added earlier to blog). Steve and I carried on as normal and discussed action plans without Nathan and Guy. Steve and I went through plans, designs and concepts. Really pleased with Steve's performance as He has done extensive amounts of research and pardon the pun, we seem to be singing of the same him sheet with concepts. We discussed ideas and ways of improvement to get the right feel. It is importance the time of the church corresponds to the design of the furniture etc. However, as this project reflects the designs and ideas of the artists If the artist chooses to design a concept with attachments or props etc that is not true to the time of which it was created justification will be explained by the artist, as changes may suit the design and character rather then keeping to its origin.

The Project Brief and Idea

Animated Environments

Digital Environments/Visual Studies

A N I 0 9 2 0 6

The Spirit

Meeting 28.01.10

1. Things to Cover 10.00

2. Look at power point presentation 10.00 – 10.15

3. Allocate jobs and timings

o Designs for old Church

o Design for New Church

o Props

4. Issues/problems 10.30 – 10.45

5. Next meeting

6. Close 11.00


Modelling old Church

Modelling new church

Uv mapping/texturing





Old Church steeple

New Church

Windows stained glass









Wall hanging


Candles/stand and sconces

Street light

Outside bench


Statue outside


Main door

Old Church steeple

New Church

Windows stained glass




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